Public facilities

Where do we recommend to install the DOG pee?
The Solitaire variant of concrete DOG pee can be placed anywhere. It is suitable for towns as well as for smaller municipalities. It can be easily placed in grass areas on the border of parks, into paving in the beginning of a sidewalk, in prepared areas covered with pebbles etc. Thanks to its weight of 86 kg there is a low chance of vandalism and it is not easy to move it. Therefore, it is ideal for any areas where we want to delimit a place for dogs without any unpleasant consequences. The Set variant is an ideal element for dog runs, training grounds, parks, private estates such as are hotel parks, decorative gardens etc. It is, of course, also suitable for towns where a DOG pee complemented by a litter bin creates a possibility to go for a walk with your dog in places where this was not possible before (castles, chateaus, historical town centres, city centres without green areas). For one-off events – dog exhibitions, dog races, competitions in natural environments etc. 

Why is DOG pee a necessity?
The coexistence of people and dogs has become an everyday reality and it is necessary to expand the possibilities for improving this relationship. Our society is divided into dog owners and people who do not own any dogs. DOG pee is an ideal element for both groups. It is not only in public areas where the bad smell of dogs urine is disturbing us. Every day we pass by marked facades and dustbins and rusting poles. DOG pee is a possibility for both groups to change this situation. It enables owners of estates and private green areas to protect their property against these damages and towns and municipalities are now able to improve the relationship between dog keepers and people who don´t own any dogs. At the present time in town centres you cannot find a single element or a place free for dogs to use it while there are more than ten thousand dogs registered alone in the centre of Brno. By placing a concrete DOG pee you can delimit a place for dogs and complement this with a public notice determining the impropriety of using other public areas for these purposes. It necessary to train the dogs AS WELL AS their owners! Our public facilities product line of DOG pee demonstrates that it is possible to combine strength and durability of products with a purity of shapes, functionality and remarkable simplicity of modern design even in public places.